The Story Behind That Viral ‘Distracted Boyfriend’ Meme Pic

The Story Behind That Viral ‘Distracted Boyfriend’ Meme Pic

One of several hottest memes this year may be the “Distracted date,” also referred to as “Man viewing different girl.” They shows one appearing backwards, looking at another woman while his companion gives your a disapproving search.

A look at the Bing styles chart reveals how meme definitely blew up in later part of the August 2017:

Because the trend is passing away all the way down some, we caught up with professional photographer Antonio Guillem, the man behind the first inventory image, called “Disloyal guy walking together with his girlfriend and looking amazed at another sexy female,” for more information on the chance and the story behind it.

Guillem is actually a 45-year-old specialist marketing photographer based in Barcelona, The country of spain. Over the past five years, they have been working 16-hour time, mostly firing photos for microstock companies.

“We are one of the leading sellers microstock professional photographers in this field,” Guillem states. “3 decades and a half after we began, we were attempting to sell 1,600 pictures every day.”

Guillem says his popular images are becoming purchased over 6,000 hours yearly, and this meme photograph does not ranking among their most widely used jobs — they deal over 700 days per year.

Here’s another inventory pic with the same few while the same theme. It’s called “Girlfriend learning that the girl date try cheating together companion at home“:

The professional photographer is shocked by exactly how his photo became a viral sensation — the guy didn’t realize about they

(and didn’t know exactly what a meme was) before his items watched the meme on social networking and introduced it to his focus. Continue reading “The Story Behind That Viral ‘Distracted Boyfriend’ Meme Pic”