LGBT rights at heart of Poland presidential-election fight

LGBT rights at heart of Poland presidential-election fight

While campaigning for re-election ahead of Sundays final-round vote, Polands President Andrzej Duda has used harmful rhetoric and required procedures that reject real legal rights to LGBT someone.

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But longtime activists discover Polish attitudes changing, and they are moving back once again.

During his re-election promotion, Duda enjoys in comparison exactly what he phone calls LGBT ideology to Communism. He cannot offer the right of same-sex people in Poland to get married or create municipal unions, and feels that education ought not to illustrate courses on gay legal rights.

His anti-LGBT rhetoric echoes the comments of Jaroslaw Kaczynski, the leader of Polands ruling Law and Justice party, who in September 2019 said that the family as we know it is under attack. In the same month, Marek Jedraszewski, the archbishop of Krakow, linked totalitarian regimes and their systems for destroying people with gender ideology and LGBT ideology.

Dudas opponent in Sundays vote, Warsaw Mayor Rafal Trzaskowski, signed a resolution in February 2019 announcing their area an inviting location for LGBT folks, and went to Warsaws Pride procession afterwards that seasons. He helps same-sex civil unions and has now additionally guaranteed to stop laws and Justice, which manages Polands parliament, from furthermore limiting abortion liberties.

The limits for LGBT people in Poland for the election are highest.

Lately June, about 100 Polish municipalities had adopted resolutions declaring on their own LGBT-free zones, a motion that began after Trzaskowski dedicated to supporting LGBT liberties in Warsaw. At Pride marches in Poland in 2019, members suffered spoken punishment and physical attacks, as well as 2 people were sentenced to per year in prison for bringing explosives to a conference in Lublin.

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